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Correction Potential X-Ray

The Correction Potential X-Ray is next step if you are looking to improve your spinal alignment towards the Ideal Spinal Model. 


These specific x-rays will test areas of your spine for 3 things.

  1. Stubborn Areas (Hypo Mobility)
  2. Unstable Areas (Hyper Mobility)
  3. Overall flexibilty of the affected area.

How we do it!

There are 3 ways that we test your spine’s ability to Correct.

  1. Body Weighting
  2. Traction/Spinal Moulding
  3. Postural Exercises

Body Weighting

By adding weight to different parts of the body we can cause a reactive response which activates muscles and creates a change in the opposite direction, thus improving posture.

Spinal Moulding

A firm pillow like device with scientifically engineered curves and contours (Denneroll) is properly positioned under a specific area of the patients spine. The patient is instructed to lie on the Denneroll for up to 10 minutes and an x-ray is taken.

A standing X-ray is also done immediately after the Spinal Moulding to assess for effectiveness.

Below is an example of Spinal Moulding.

       After the Denneroll         Before the Denneroll                 On the Denneroll


          On the Denneroll                   Before the Denneroll               On the Denneroll

Postural Exercises

Also known as M.I.E (Mirror Image Exercises), these are designed to move the body in the direction of improved posture. When a patient moves their spine in the direction of correction we are able to look at how the spine responds to the stretch and certain areas of the spine are more stuck than others. 

The x-ray on the left is the patients normal posture. 

The x-ray on the right is the patient doing a M.I.E exercise and holding.