Pre/Post X-Ray Examples

These films are not pre-post antalgia! This is an important point to remember.
When most xray pre-post changes occur in the typical classical chiropractic setting, it is due to getting the person out of pain.
Techniques which claim to restore curves without mirror image adjusting, exercises, and traction must be questioned about their percentage of correction and on average how often they get post changes.

The examples shown below highlight frequency, duration and type of care and accompanying home exercises.

  • Lateral Cervicals
  • Lateral Lumbars
  • Lateral Fullspine
  • AP Nasium / AP Cervical / AP Thoracic
  • AP Lumbopelvic
  • Lumbar Scoliosis

If a Chiropractor states they can restore the sagittal curves without traction or spinal moulding, you have to ask yourself one thing…does his/her patient(s) have ligaments and other soft tissues? Obviously the answer is “yes”, so without doing traction you will not stress ligamentous rheological properties of plasticity and viscosity and will only temporarily affect the elastic properties.

It is for this reason CBP® technique incorporates the use of mirror image  traction. Consequently, a CBP® Chiropractor is surprised not when he/she gets phenomenal sagittal curve restorations, but is surprised when they fail to achieve such results!  

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