Terms and Conditions of Acceptance


The doctor has designed a specific course of action to allow proper care. Appointments cannot be missed. If an appointment must be changed,
reschedule later that day, or within 24 hours. (See 3 Strike Rule.)


All new patients are required to attend the Foundations Workshop. This workshop covers essential information concerning your care, provides a
forum for your questions, and is invaluable in achieving your health goals.


It is your payment that allows us to continue providing high levels of professional care, maintain our facility, and to compensate our team. If for
any reason you cannot keep your financial agreement, inform us immediately to avoid any misunderstanding. We will make every attempt to make
affordable arrangements.


We are absolutely committed to your family’s health. The Posture Doctor  Chiropractic Team recognizes that the children are the future. Because of this commitment, it is our highest priority that all individuals joining our practice have their children checked within 2 weeks of beginning care in our office. This spinal and nerve system checkup will be done at our expense.


The greatest honor a patient can give the doctor is the referral of their family or loved one. We promise to give them the same attention, care, and quality
service that you receive. Thank you in advance!

Remember, healing and correction take time. If at any time in your care you have any confusion or concern with your body’s responses, please arrange for a consultation with the doctor immediately.We want you to get the most from your chiropractic care.


Your compliance to the doctor’s recommended care plan is a key determining factor to the success of your case. As explained, rhythm is critical in maximizing the effectiveness of the corrective adjustments. Your compliance to your outlined schedule of care is also the most obvious indicator of your
commitment to your chiropractic care. Without your complete commitment, success in your case is not possible. Our team is completely committed to a successful process and outcome for you, therefore we will diligently support the maintenance of your adjustment schedule and outlined care plan.
If at any point in your care you need to reschedule an office visit, our team will work to reschedule you for the same day. If that is not possible, all efforts will be made to schedule you the next day.


If the doctor’s recommendations are that you are to be checked 3 times a week, then you must be checked 3 times that week. Make-up appointments may be done the next day (preferably), or added to the next week. If 3 appointments are missed and are not “made-up”, we can only interpret this to mean that your commitment to your care has changed, and your care will be suspended. We only want the best for our patients. We are completely committed to you and your health. Please
recognize that adherence to your care plan is critical and address it as such.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. You will be glad that you did!!

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