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Good posture is the window to nourishing your spine and nervous system. Distortions represent injured, damaged and weakened areas to your spine, shutting down the energy to the vital organs.

The most concrete way to analyse your posture is through a specific and detailed x-ray analysis. Only necessary views will be taken to assure you will receive the best treatment for your conditions. These views will be taken after your consultation and are bulk billed through Medicare at a local Radiology Centre.

Once the information is collected and examinations are performed, Dr. Shane or Dr. Aya will review your case before we give you an in-depth report of the x-ray and exam findings.

We will show you what a normal spine and posture should look like, what your spine looks like and how this may apply to your current health conditions.

We will let you know the reasoning behind the recommendations and future appointments. You will be given a full written report including an x-ray and a digital postural analysis.

Family Check Ups

Optimal posture is a vital key to achieving optimal health for each person in your family.

Early detection and elimination of subluxation will lead to a healthy nervous system at any stage of life.

The most important aspect for our family’s health is regular spinal check-ups. A healthy spine and nervous system is the core foundation to great health. We believe that chiropractic care should be affordable to families and allow you to be examined and adjusted as much as our own children.

We have recently introduced affordable family rates to our clinic. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to book your family in for a consultation.

We can assure you that the effort made to keep your families spine, posture and nervous system functioning at its best will benefit your health and well being!